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The only FULLY adjustable trigger for the Etha3m, eMek and MG/EMF100 


 The Tension trigger is the only FULLY adjustable trigger for your Etha3m, eMek and EMF/MG100. Now you can  fine tune your trigger with an externally adjustable spring TENSION screw. No more disassembling your trigger frame to change the internal spring.

 Not only can you fine tune your spring TENSION but now you can also adjust the amount of movement in the trigger push pin (the pin that the trigger makes contact with), eliminating the wasted up and down movement and giving you the best  trigger upgrade possible.


The Tension trigger works with the stock valve, the Bang Switch, FL and hAir45.

The Tension trigger does not use ball bearings. Instead, the retaining pin hole on the Tension trigger is drilled and then precision reamed to a specific size. The retaining pin itself is ground to a precise diameter and then polished so that the end result is a pin that fits tight enough into the trigger so that there is no side to side "wiggle" of the trigger but loose enough to create a smooth, frictionless marriage between the two. And just to make sure that each combination of trigger and pin is as smooth as possible, we hand match each pin with each trigger.


We tested some triggers below to show how our "bearingless" Tension trigger compares to triggers with bearings. You can see how smooth the actual rotation of the trigger around the pin is. The "jumping" or "bouncing" that you see with the competitors triggers is due to the bearings not actually rotating smoothly, either from poor quality of the bearing itself (the balls inside or the race having flat spots on them) or from the bearings becoming dirty with use. Two of these competitor triggers tested were brand new out of the package. 

To be fair, we are NOT saying that all triggers with ball bearings will act exactly like the ones we tested but it is a LOT more common than it should be. 

*For this test we used the exact same trigger pin on all of the triggers.

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