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Shorten your trigger pull up to 50%


lighten it by over 1lb !

Fits: m170r, eMek, MG100 and gMek markers.

Bang Switch for Planet Eclipse

Shorten Your Trigger Pull

up to 50%

and Lighten the Spring Tension by Over 1LB !!



The Bang Switch changes the firing point on your eMek, gMek, m170r and EMF/MG100 marker, making your marker fire closer to the front of the trigger pull. This allows you to remove up to 50% of the post travel that is normally behind the firing point in your trigger pull. No adjustable trigger alone will actually shorten your trigger pull like the Bang Switch does. While you do not need an adjustable trigger for the Bang Switch to change the firing point, you will not experience the full benefits without one. Pair it with a Tension trigger for the best results. The Bang Switch only works as a replacement part for the stock valve.

Trigger gif.gif
Stock Trigger
Adjustable Trigger
4.25mm* Pull
7mm* Pull
2mm* Pull
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Adjustable Trigger
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