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Liquid NPPL Champs L's.png

2000 NPPL LA Open  - 1st Am B

           How we started.           

 Liquid Paintball began in 1997 out of a paintball store in southern California owned by Brandon Lambertson (Xtreme Sports). We originally started out making two piece barrels but became known for creating the ORIGINAL Snatch Grip which was quickly copied by others and became an integrated feature, straight from the factory, on a lot of markers.

 Over the next several years we created a wide range of accessories and gear until selling the store location and shutting Liquid down in 2006. After being away for 15 years and seeing the resurgence of mechanical paintball, we've decided to come back and offer all of our original parts for classic markers and add some NEW parts for the currently popular mechanical markers as well.

 We are happy to see paintball go back to it’s roots. The industry was sorely missing the heart and soul of this great sport and we are glad to see this 10 man mechanical movement have great success. We hope to help grow the sport back to the days that will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Why Liquid Paintball?


 If you value creative thinking and innovative products, we won't disappoint you. With over 25 years in the game we have had a lot of firsts in the industry. From being the first company to make a two piece barrel that screwed apart back in 1997 while everyone else was still press fitting barrels together, to making the original Snatch Grip (which was coined by us).

We plan on continuing to create innovative products that you will enjoy like our new products for the Planet Eclipse line of mechanical markers. This Bang Switch was the first and only valve modification available for the eMek/m170r/Gmek markers when we launched it in 2019. Next we released the Bone shoe for reaching higher rates of fire more easily. Most recently we have released the Tension trigger for Etha3m, eMek and EMF/MG100 markers.

And we're just getting "restarted"!


"The Bang Switch increases the rate of fire without compromising consistency or efficiency. If you don't have this in your mech, you're really missing out."

- Roy "Cowboy" Richard

Lasoya Testimonial.jpg

"The Bone GTR is not only super comfortable, it makes it so easy to walk the trigger like it was a double trigger.


- Chris Lasoya

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