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 By simply replacing your stock trigger with a Tension trigger and adjusting the travel screws you will shorten your trigger pull by approximently 30-35%. You can remove up to an additional 50% of trigger travel by adding the Bang Switch in place of the stock spool valve, taking your stock trigger pull from over 7mm of travel down to approximately 2mm of travel. This is the most noticeable and cost effective performance difference you can make to your eMek or EMF/MG100.

(The Bang Switch only works with the stock valves in the gMek, eMek, m170r and EMF/MG100)


The Tension trigger is the only FULLY adjustable trigger for your Etha3m, eMek and EMF/MG100. Now you can  fine tune your trigger with an externally adjustable spring TENSION screw. No more disassembling your trigger frame to change the internal spring.

 Not only can you fine tune your spring TENSION but now you can also adjust the amount of movement in the trigger push pin (the pin that the trigger makes contact with), eliminating the wasted up and down movement and creating the shortest possible trigger pull.



  • Externally adjustable spring TENSION screw !NEW FEATURE!
  • Push Pin guide adjustment screw (allowing you to remove all of the up and down play of the trigger push pin which creates the shortest trigger pull possible by eliminating wasted movement of the push pin) !NEW FEATURE!
  • Pre-travel adjustment screw
  • Actuation adjustment screw
  • Post-travel adjustment screw
  • CNC reamed trigger pin hole for a precision fit that limits any side to side trigger play but is extremely smooth during trigger pull
  • Precision machined trigger pin for frictionless fit
  • 3D resin printed Spring Block
  • Custom trigger spring made specifically for the Tension trigger
  • Flat nosed actuation set screw to eliminate any binding between the contact point of the actuation screw face and the trigger push pin (other set screws have an uneven, concaved surface)
  • Nylon tipped push pin guide screw to create a self lubricated, non binding surface for the push pin to smoothly slide against
  • 6061 aluminum trigger construction
  • Polished and anodized in 4 popular colors


 These items sold seperately would normally total $70


 Get a a FULLY adjustable trigger and a valve upgrade for less than just the competitions valve upgrade. 

Tension + Bang Switch Kit

Tension Color
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