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NEW!! If you have a GMek, you can now fit the Bone GTR onto your GMek trigger with our 3D printed BONE adapter. Just choose the GMek adapter from the drop down and we'll make sure your BONE shoe is compatible for your GMek. (This adapter only works for GMEk.)


Bone GTR - Ergonomically designed and 3D machined to create a comfortable, universal and purpose built trigger shoe. Everyone has their own preferred method for shooting fast but traditional trigger designs only give you a thin surface to work with. The Bone GTR was purposefully designed to provide three separate surface areas to comfortably accommodate the most popular shooting styles, with a weight of just 3 grams.


-Contoured so you can full finger...................Grip it!

-Flattened where you can single finger.........Tip it!

-Widened to let you double finger .................Rip it!


Fits most stock triggers including: eMek, m170r, MG100 and CVO.

Fits most after market triggers for eMek including: eMach, Inception Fang*, PBG Sweet Spot, Exalt Ignition, Core Hyper and Infamous Murder Machine.


*The Bone shoe will not work on the NEW Fang trigger for the m170r.

It does work on the original Fang Trigger for the eMek, however.


Bang Switch - Shorten AND lighten your trigger pull up to 50%  over stock. This part replaces the stock spool valve in the: Planet Eclipse- m170r, eMek, EMF/MG100 and gMek markers and the stock spring in the Emek and EMF/MG100. The stock spool with a non adjustable trigger has about a 7mm* pull. The stock spool with an adjustable trigger has about a 4.25mm* pull. The Bang Switch with an adjustable trigger has about a 2mm* pull!! *When measured from the bottom point of the trigger.

 The 3way spool valve works in two stages of action. As you pull your trigger back, the first stage of action shuts off air travel to the back of the bolt, preparing the bolt to cycle. As you continue pulling the trigger back, the spool enters the second stage of action. Here it releases the air from the back of the bolt, allowing the bolt to cycle. There is a small amount of unneeded travel between these two stages of action that the Bang Switch Eliminates. With the firing point occurring at an earlier stage in the trigger pull, there is no need for the trigger to continue past this point, so you can adjust your trigger set screw to stop your trigger from continuing to travel, hence shortening your trigger pull by up to 50% While you do not need an adjustable trigger for the Bang Switch to change the firing point, you may not experience the full benefits without one.


**We recommend that a certified gun tech install this part.

Bang Bone Combo

Bone Color
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