2nd Place - 7man Mech

Liquid Daggers 2nd CEPL.png


It was my great pleasure and honor to get to play with this roster full of paintball legends for the CEPL 7man mech event in Sacramento, Ca. 

Dave Bains has done an incredible job with his field, Capital Edge Paintball Park. The fields were so much fun to play on. The staff was great. The weather was perfect. This was such a fun event to play in. We ended up losing first place by 1 point....AGAIN, but I couldn't be happier with the group of guys I got to play with. Congratulations to Mamas Boys on their win! 

"Viva La LiGuid"



Vegas 5man Open Mech 1st place.png

1st Place - 5man Classic


The Las Vegas NXL 5man Classic event is a wrap!

The Bang Switch's were bangin and the paint shot great. 

Big thank you to Mike and Bea Paxson for letting JP and myself play with Destiny in Las Vegas!

This was a ton of fun and the first time I've played an "NXL event" since 2007.

Until the next one!



Kapp ICPL with Banner.jpg


The Tampa ICPL was an incredible event. Thank you to everyone that bought your Bang Switches at the event!


Thank you to Team Smoke for representing the Liquid brand so well all weekend and attending to the many Bang Switch customers at their booth!! You guys are awesome! Congratulations on your 3rd place finish.

Thank you to team KAPP Factory for allowing us to play with you guys this weekend. It was so much fun! We can't wait to go to the Chicago ICPL later this year.

KAPP went undefeated the entire event and lost in the finals in a stale mate by one body.


Team Smoke with banner.jpg


Team Smoke is our first sponsored team for the 2020 season. They ended the Tampa ICPL event with a 3rd and 7th place finish in the Amateur division. Smoke has been testing and selling Liquid Bang Switches from the very beginning and have had great success with them. They have been an incredible addition to the team and we look forward to working with them the rest of the season. Congrats you guys!!